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Yorumu gönderen: Angle, 22.06.2013, 15:46 (UTC):
he was really citoauus didn't want me to steal it, after a few weeks he finally caved It was an all in one washer/dryer!!!! It really broke my heart to tell him that that already existed, didn't sell well and how the hell were you going to create such a device with a degree in music? Most business ideas I hear are terrible, I could continue with some of the funny stories, but instead I'll share something that may help readers of this blog do what you do! Meaning, don't try to be something you're not, that's probably the most common mistake I see with entrepreneurial ideas, I'm not a surgeon and don't pretend to be, thus I don't waste away my time thinking up better ways to perform surgeries. That's not to say you shouldn't continually learn, but every person has strengths and weaknesses, focus on areas that revolve around your strengths.

Yorumu gönderen: Axel, 22.06.2013, 15:46 (UTC):
, I've got a great idea for a pizza shop and this person had 5-10 years rasuetrant experience I would have a very open mind to hearing his ideas, clearly this person knows their industry and the pizza/food won't be the problem, they need business help that's a different situation.

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