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Yorumu gönderen: Nadir, 22.06.2013, 19:02 (UTC):
</a>This is so good to hear that there's still juice left in the 360 yet I remember the days of the sega mvgdariee or genesis in the U.S they were saying that it was allmoast impossible to do Mode 7 like the super nintendo could and then after that they made street fighter 2 on the mvgdariee that apparently used this mode 7 for the floor in the way it moves so i was told Anyway i stopped playing games for a long time after the street fighter 2 on the mvgdariee Well a few years later i think'and found a mvgdariee emulator on pc and some of the later games that i missed out on'and they were full of this mode 7 and all other kined of funky effect's,and just a few years earlyer they were saying that it cant be done for the genesis/megadrive Anyway going back to gears'i played a few hours yesterday of gears 3 co op with a friend and i have to say its well satisfying'not only are the graphics some of the best ive ever seen on 360 but some of the best ive ever seen in a video game and the gameplay is better also than before on the other gear games its smoother and less stuttery'so its a massive thumbs up for this game:}and i cant wait also for some of the other games in the future for 360 and ps3 ,Who needs xbox 720 and ps4 right now im sure these consoles can wait just a few more years.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 2 votes)

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