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Angrdy Birds

Angryd Birds
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Yorumu gönderen: Venessa, 22.06.2013, 20:26 (UTC):
here, the origional coemmnt I corrected was, infact I wasdoing the opposite from talking out my @ss [like you are now] and talking with my brain and sense.Quote me on one thing on that post that is making stuff up or talking out my @ss?????The fact is none of it is its all relevent and true and makes sense.I never make claim that opinions are facts my friend that must be in your messed up head in your opinion from your posts all xbox games is da sux ! only ps3 games is a technical marvel, sorry to burst your bubble but the ps3 isnt some sort of alien technology.. ITS YOUR OWN DAMN OPINION, NOT A FACT Again talking out your @ss . from what posts would you even remotly think I think all Xbox games suck?????? your messed up head making stuff up again.And sorry . Uncharted is a technical Marvell and the best on the consoles technially .. nothnig I can do about that its true If Uncharted isnt then no game is.The PS3 and Xbox are 6 year old system's and dated, which is what makes games like Uncharted technical Marvels to be able to squeeze and push them that much ond produce what they have.Ive got both consoles and a gaming PC you dimmillo and I can prove that. Otherwise I wouldnt have a say or I would be talking out my @sss but that the thing, im not lol, you are.Cliffy IS a HUGE joke stating what I quoted him on which is;“That said, I still think there is a huge amount of room for improvement in graphics,”If you read that and take it seriously and not as a joke then you sir are a dumb muppet, that loses all his credibility, that coemmnt is just dumb as hell and indeed a joke..And when I say Gears has taken baby' steps is becuase it has . I think many will agree and some like it for that Its hardly changed much from the first, the second hardly changed atall, and has indeed taken baby' steps.I have played the game completed it and leant to my friend to play, who are you to say I havent played it????? thats like me telling you you havent played it ..You have got you knickers in a twist and thrown your toys out your pram like little kid and you sound like it, just chill and enjoy life and enjoy games dont get worked up over someone correcting a dumb @ss coemmnt and speaking sense, chill dudeVN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 5 votes)

Yorumu gönderen: Filani, 22.06.2013, 09:20 (UTC):
Figured it might be something like that. Not sure about only being two years old thgouh, there used to be a company about 10 years ago that did the kind of swarm purchasing to get discount rates. They had an advert with lots of ants in, working together. Wish I could remember what they were called!

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