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Yorumu gönderen: Samuel, 22.06.2013, 21:53 (UTC):
</a>oh sorry, Unreal 3 engine WAS NOT dleveop in 2004 it was INTRODUCED in 2004, it's very old engine!just because they keep updating new features doesn't make it new!IF YOU UPDATE WINDOWS XP doesn't turn it to WINDOWS 7! Game engine is not just about how it looks, is about its capability, how it runs and the compatibility with the hardware!VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 1 vote)

Yorumu gönderen: Sayong, 22.06.2013, 09:49 (UTC):
Tim. It's interesting that polepe so often overlook what they do and what they're good at when starting a business. My *guess* is that most polepe don't like their jobs so when they try to start something on the side they try to do something completely different. Anyway, great point about learning the trade while learning the business. You're going to need to learn a million other things, so you really have to know the trade itself inside and out. I think it's clear with us that SportsLizard, Detailed Image, and LockerPulse are all things that we were really into long before we started businesses around them, and that's probably why they're going to be more successful than our client services were or even a Tastefully Driven was, where we bit off more than we could chew in a whole bunch of industries that interested us but we weren't experts in.

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